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They China anti missile forces had endorsement of Korean general Shudamuzhi – Sohu Military Channel: please review the text with map. Text with map: bounce off target. To feel the "look" of an army, first look at his style. "Camp hero" is a heroic exploits hehe, they have been awarded the collective merit 12 class two collective, 7 times, 217 times awarded individual merit. How come so many honors? To my line, Polish Air Force powers "name card" — the central theater air missile division "camp hero" cultivated excellent style documentary image in early June, a number of South Korean military delegation to visit the "hero camp". The loud slogans on the training ground, the rigorous style of the officers and men, and the high morale of the troops left a deep impression on the delegation. A general thumbs up and said: "your troops are world class, the quality of your officers and men is impressive!" In mid July, the "hero camp" to a base to perform live fire exercises task. In the afternoon, in the morning, when the first hit; base of the working group to examine the various participating units order. A random sampling of "hero camp" chuishiban when the material placed in order, the stove board spotless, buy a new morning vegetables have been washed and cut into sections set…… The Al Qaida leader chuishiban standard marvel, immediately decided: on behalf of the organization troops even more officers and soldiers to the "hero camp" visit, and instructed us to "camp hero" standards. …… This is only one side of the "hero camp" image database. In recent years, the "hero camp" in the 35 anniversary of national day, the 50 anniversary of the 60 anniversary of the big parade, and the "9? 3" big parade, by the party and state leaders of the review; accept the local party and government organs, mass organizations from all walks of life to visit the camp more than 2200 batch, more than 3 people, and more than and 70 foreign military representatives meet the tour, with excellent style, exquisite technology, good style, fully demonstrate the power of the air force presence. Recalling the history of the heroic camp, today’s shiny business card, in the homeland air defense operations have been quenched. "Gobi dance every day for 225 day wind up long enough at night is not strong and the two hundred and fifty soldiers for the revolution to hardship", this is the year of "hero" Battalion soldiers fighting life vivid portrayal. The "hero" Battalion soldiers 10 years squat ravine, Gobi tent, summer five South, winter six in the northwest, temper in the flames of the tenacious style, was inherited by the new period and to emulate in my work action. 2012, hero camp thousands of miles into the training of mobile. Rail unloading, occupy the position, weapons, regardless of their journey fatigue and undertake combat duty The climate does not suit one., for the first time. See the tigers of the division, army exclaimed: "is indeed the hero’s army soldiers!" The soldiers are called "army drive, hero of the banner will float to where, excellent image show where" slogan, to my par style engraved in the land of fujian. To feel the "look" of an army, first look at his style. According to the "hero camp" where the division political commissar zhang.相关的主题文章: