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Hospital of Sichuan Province, former president Pan Cikang died at the age of 90 is still adhere to the pan Cikang rounds at 0:00 on September 22, 2016 16, due to rescue invalid, died at the age of 90. Pan Cikang, one of the pioneers of the Department of Urology in Sichuan Province, in 1991 by the State Council special allowance, served as president of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital (micro-blog), "medical Lifetime Achievement Award" winner. In September 22, 2016 16, the illness died, died at the age of 90. The morning of September 19th 8, just after the 90 birthday of Pan Cikang near to hundreds of meters away from home, the first hospital inpatient building 10 Department of Urology, Department ward. This is a week Monday rounds, he insisted on decades of habits. Pan Lao entered the room, holding the right hand into a fist, and nurse Zhou Yanqiong, Zheng Hejie respectively hit a fist, smiling like a child, even the whole white eyebrow with quivering longevity. But, we did not think that this was the last round of Pan Cikang. Now, he hung work card yellow robes, quietly hanging on the office door, but he has already left: 22 at 0:00 on the 16, the State Council special allowance experts, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, Department of Urology, old president of Sichuan Province, one of the pioneers, "medicine Lifetime Achievement Award" winners go the last stage of life. Remember the old president three days before the last rounds last rounds of > > adhere to decades of "don’t let me go, I climb to climb to September 19th, and on Monday, 8 in the morning," Pan grandpa "as usual about small steps into the first, neither fast nor slow. Institute of building the Department of urology ward, nurse Zhou Yanqiong and Zheng Hejie stood outside the nursing station, and he had a close encounter. A kindly face Pan Cikang out right, one by one with two nurses punch, Zheng Hejie joked: "again wow!" Pan Cikang still smiled and asked, "today is busy and tired?" Not long before beginning, Pan Cikang carefully arranged her white coat, and hung outside the left chest pocket cards work with him for over 70 years, as like as two peas at work. Before the Spring Festival, Pan Cikang was sick for a long time, nearly two months before the resumption of rounds. "As long as he is not sick basically are completely bedridden, regardless of the weather." Provincial People’s Hospital Department of Urology director Qiu Mingxing provincial hospital 1989, jokes that he is Pan old "grandchildren" disciples. Taking into account the patient’s actual situation, we have made some changes to the treatment plan……" A kind of warm just, in the work state of Pan Cikang is very strict, listen carefully to the patient and treatment scheme for urologists, Pan Lao still did not forget to remind, be careful, pay a lot of attention. "Pan Lao is very serious about his work, and he is not allowed to be false to the patient." Qiu Mingxing said, even if it is the case with a typo or statements impassability, pan Lao all will be angry to tear up the page request to write cases. Round every Monday to the hospital, has become a pan Laolei not move the habit. This habit has been going on until the last minute of his life since he was a doctor." Pan old daughter Pan Hongdao相关的主题文章: