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WikiLeaks: Hilary began a year ago "human" Trump – Hilary Clinton Sohu news? "WikiLeaks network 24, exposure to the latest batch of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s campaign chairman John?? private email Podesta’s display, as early as last December, the Hilary campaign has begun to dig in Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump?" the black material ". In September 26th this year held the first presidential debate, Hilary had dug out the old accounts, criticized Trump for not respecting women, have won the title after a slight fat before the "Miss Universe" Alicia? Machado called "Miss Piggy", but also because of the birth of Latin America called her the "miss home". These are Trump’s support for women and Hispanic voters. According to the "Washington observer" reported that moving out of Machado this move is a strategy that the camp of Hilary almost a year ago. At that time, they had a deep steak Trump past legal, financial and marital history, looking for possible black spots, in order to win the Republican primaries in Trump after the use of. And Trump treatment is similar to the Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz??. Two per capita in the primaries in defeat. According to Cruz, the Hilary campaign plans to attack the reward he refused to disclose his father Rafael paid for the speech, and he was not on time to the Senate public income was fined $200. For Rubio, the attack on the camp of the focus on his "realization of influence to raise revenue" on the. They also plan to criticize Rubio’s "reckless" foreign policy and the "record of women". Reported that, for Trump, Cruz and Rubio’s research reports were up to 157, 201 and 431 pages. (Marine) [Xinhua] – draft out相关的主题文章: