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Soybean meal basis continued to rise what to show? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! After last week’s U.S. soybean export inspection data and export sales data are not expected, the latest USDA export inspection data released Monday showed that when the week the U.S. soybean export volume of 383953 tons, less than a week before the revised 756026 tons, far less than previously expected 110-130 million tons, after speculation export good is expected to continue to be falsified, weight price, by the end of September 26, 2016, the same day, CBOT soybean futures contract in November has been below 950 cents and support, there is a support role for further testing before the low around 940 cents. The weather, after continuous rain last week, the main producing areas of North American soybean harvest process slowed down, but has little effect on yield, the U.S. Midwest northwest to crop dry wet weather slowed down, continue to delay the harvest process, is more advantageous in southern and eastern regions of the weather conditions. The northern plains, the basic weather conditions conducive to soybean crops, but the Dakota eastern region of the weather is too wet, the southern plains, the weather is conducive to soybean filling and maturity, states the delta harvest is accelerating. The United States Department of Agriculture released Monday’s weekly crop report shows that as of September 25th week, the U.S. soybean excellent rate of growth is 73%, a week before the 73%, 62% for the same period last year; the week the soybean defoliation rate of 68%, a week before the 46%, 69% for the same period last year, the average of five years for 64% week; the American soybean harvest rate is 10%, a week before the 4%, 17% for the same period last year, the five year average of 13%. Although the rain delayed harvest process, but then the good weather still let the market for U.S. soybean yield is optimistic expectations. But because of the good weather, the Brazil government has allowed farmers late last week began planting 201617 year soybean, many farmers with good weather conditions, began planting soybeans, the market had expected Brazil new soybean planting area will continue to increase, and may be the breakthrough 1 tons of soybean yield. The weight of heavy bearish price, CBOT soybean prices fell, because the outer disk fell, the domestic soybean meal in Dalian could not be spared, but also shock down, which M1701 contract today is to refresh a few months low to 2837 yuan, from the K-line form, either line level or weekly level, regardless of price or the outer disk soybean meal prices. The weakness will undoubtedly highlight. Although price is not like, but recent soybean spot remains strong, strong reason is still at the beginning of the month a commonplace talk of an old scholar, has been in the speculation, on the one hand is due to the September soybeans to Hong Kong to reduce the amount of soybean supply decreased compared with August, the month is over the traditional plant downtime limit very price. But also because of this reason, the factory had sold the contract of September in a considerable number of the contract can not be executed on time, the need for inference相关的主题文章: