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When the feeling of postpartum become stupid, energy is getting worse when you have blood – Sohu maternal Xiaoying baby has 8 months, she felt after giving birth to more and more forgetful memory, especially poor, often want to do what thing, stand up and walk a few steps and forget. Once want to give the baby to squeeze orange juice, open the refrigerator to get orange when they forget what to do. Standing in front of the refrigerator for a long time did not think. Mimihuhu walked back to the room, her mother asked her where she was squeezed Orange Juice see light suddenly. The most exaggerated, one day dinner, she filled a good meal just sat down to eat, my husband smiled and looked at her and said, "you don’t mean to lose weight?" Xiaoying said angrily: "one cannot lose weight do not eat! I also need to feed!" Her husband looked at her in surprise: "what is the name of a do not eat? You eat third bowls!" Not to see my parents in the next nodded Meng Xiaoying couldn’t believe it would even have not eaten meal do not remember. The birth of children, mothers often appear small and similar situation, as if his memory with the birth of a child lost. Most of the time will be a second to do the next thing to forget the light, how can not remember. Most people think that such a situation is normal, the birth of a child. Three years postpartum hormonal imbalance, the rest is not good, all the attention paid to the children, to reduce other related note, so will feel stupid. Think that such a situation will naturally be a little bigger children. I thought it was my own, when the child is born when his memory is getting worse, I take it for granted that this is a normal physiological phenomenon, the child will be good. But after I found Zai in kindergarten, the slightest memory did not change for the better. But energy mad difference, still feel mentally and physically exhausted before visiting a street, walk, ten shopping malls have no problem to me, postpartum floor that the bones falling apart. Feel very tired every day. I do not want to think about things, every time I feel the spirit of the finished manuscript was consumed. Day and night in the blues, lying on the bed and toss about the brain particularly excited, can’t sleep. Finally fell asleep and kept dreaming. The most frightening thing is that there is a period of time I often even palpitations, often feel chest pain, and sometimes even feel the heart quickly jumped out of the throat. Go to the hospital, cardiovascular department of breast surgery, chest surgery, Department of orthopedics check again did not detect any disease. I have to learn Chinese, I know this is my typical hemopenia. Blood is blood empty, blood deficiency. Under normal circumstances, our heart qi abundant blood filling, the ruddy, full of go. But the heart qi deficiency, blood deficiency, people will be dull. Because the blood Yangxin, and all related functions are beginning to mental deterioration: poor memory, insomnia, mental fatigue, a mentally and physically exhausted, thinking is particularly tired, often a headache and dizziness. A woman after childbirth is blood deficiency, this is because: 1 children is a blood consuming process. No matter vaginal delivery or cesarean section, will consume a large amount of blood, blood deficiency appeared, and no people相关的主题文章: