Joint Commission for the central bank bond market law enforcement will start soon 巴雷特m82a1

The central bank commission jointly bond law enforcement across the market will start according to the new financial reports, recently the first meeting of China inter-bank market dealers association of the Third Congress of the news show, China central bank and the Commission on law enforcement across the market consensus, the Commission will be invited to the inspection of law enforcement agencies to implement law enforcement across the market to the bond market illegal behavior. Caixin said, this means that the cross market of this important law enforcement measures, will fill the NAFMII punishment limited short board as a self regulatory organization of the bond issuer violations; the object of law enforcement in addition to violations of the issuer, including all intermediaries. In this China inter-bank market dealers association meeting, China central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the next stage, to further improve the inter-bank market dealers association, give full play to the role of self-regulation, promote and improve the bond issuance registration system, play to the company credit bonds inter ministerial coordination mechanisms, coordination bond issuance management arrangement rules and the formation of system, centralized and unified, effective supervision of law enforcement mechanism of bond market. So far this year more than the inter-bank bond market default bonds are involved in serious omission of information disclosure, the Underwriters and other intermediaries failed to perform their duties responsibly. In June, China inter-bank market dealers association "Yunfeng debt default punishment Ruihua cpa. The association that Ruihua CPA in "Yunfeng 2 billion yuan bond default event" in its duties, not to cooperate with the investigation of the punishment issued by public condemnation, and to suspend the relevant business year of punishment. What is the origin of January this year, the inter-bank bond market private debt 15 Yunfeng PPN003 "and" 15 Yunfeng PPN005 "substantial interest in breach of contract, involving an amount of about 2 billion yuan. The Yunfeng outstanding bond balance up to 6 billion 600 million yuan, which so far the largest domestic existence of a bond default case. Warning from the interbank market has been issued, how should I do? WeChat public circle number of bonds that the relevant professional bodies have their own decisions. "Call the CPA industry don’t underestimate the inter-bank market of non-financial corporate debt financing instruments and related business in this market the shopkeeper, the bond business as the IPO, listed companies and other capital markets look like, prudent business to undertake pay special attention to the general recommendations (annual report directly for bonds to improve the level of risk, case), to strengthen the quality control. To be clear, the inter-bank market is also the capital market, then the same will enter the era of strong regulation. Industry insiders can also fully enjoy the calm before the storm." More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: