Over the past 40 years the strongest typhoon hit Chaozhou Millennium Bridge Mid Autumn Festival Miss 申威1600

Over the past 40 years the strongest typhoon hit Chaozhou "Millennium Bridge" Mid Autumn Festival "Miss" – Beijing, Beijing, Chaozhou, September 14, (Chen Qiren Chen Yu Yu Qiusong) this year, the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" (super typhoon class) is expected to make landfall in the coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong 15 am to noon, or into the strongest since 1969 landing the typhoon in East guangdong. Guangdong Chaozhou even on active defense typhoon alert, famous tourist attractions in Chaozhou "Millennium ancient bridge" in 14, 11 Guangji Bridge scenic suspended opening, and tourists "". Guangji Bridge and Zhaozhou Bridge, Luoyang bridge, Lugou Bridge and Chinese four ancient bridge, is a national key cultural relics protection units. Chaozhou Guangji Bridge Heritage Management disclosure 14, the scenic spots started typhoon flood emergency plan, the bridge segment shuttle back to the parking area 14, 11 shelter, suspended opening. In addition to the Millennium ancient bridge emergency shelter, Chaozhou City fishing boats are all back to Hong Kong, marine personnel to evacuate the shore to safety. Chaozhou municipal government disclosed that as of 13 May 18, the city of Chaozhou fishing vessel 693 all into the harbour, 5145 sea farming the evacuation of all personnel ashore. See reporters in Chaozhou and three hundred in Hong Kong on the morning of 14, the pier is very lively, many fishermen bring tools busy reinforcement boats, dock has been broadcast the latest typhoon circulation play, adjust the position in some fishing boats in the harbor, in order to better shelter. Chaozhou three hundred Hong Kong fishermen fishing boats back to Hong Kong, strengthening the defense typhoon "meranti". A photo by Yu Qiusong Lin fishermen said yesterday he has reinforced its own fishing boat, see the news last night, or do not feel at ease, and today to continue strengthening, tied a lot of cable for the fishing boats, fixed on the dock. He said: "I took all the tools out of the house, for the first time in decades, so many tools." Chaozhou city land, housing construction, transportation, civil affairs and other departments to strengthen the investigation of dangerous areas, strengthen the implementation of special landslides, low-lying areas, dilapidated buildings, construction site inspection and monitoring, especially for migrant workers, the elderly and the left-behind children relocated. According to statistics, the cumulative investigation of Chaozhou disaster prevention point 312, the transfer of dangerous areas of 989 people, the proper placement of the transfer of staff of 791 people, the security of the field to avoid the protection of the 819. (end)相关的主题文章: