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"Changan" this month deduction diaoman woman Weiyang fish blood – Sohu Changan Sohu, fish entertainment entertainment news martial arts film series "Changan" begins on Tuesday and Friday in the six sets of CCTV premiere in the film featuring the star Tak television actor fish on performance is very eye-catching, this time playing a love and hate the woman off blood weiyang. It is understood that in the blood of Weiyang is the Tang Dynasty folk manual four disciples youngest female apprentice, seemingly unruly and headstrong, but deep understanding, or a poison and detoxification master. Beginning with the actor is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, then slowly discovered that he was a chivalric hero, so they will become friends, finally had the love affair. To play many action films, fish month heart or some fear, after all, is the first time hanging wire. But after the struggle in the heart, or insist on down. In the filming process three months past, and other actors and directors in the group have become good friends. We get along very well, private Dadanaonao is like in the drama atmosphere. Fish month aura plus deep acting skills, she believes in the "Changan" in this performance will be particularly eye-catching.   相关的主题文章: