Is her! This weak woman in Fuzhou killed American Sohu drew ruthless news 索尼a350

Is her! This weak woman in Fuzhou killed American Sohu drew ruthless news yesterday, an Asian woman waving a gun fight alone three armed robbers, and one shot video online crazy pass, maxed out my circle of friends. Video hits online up to millions, netizens have praised the woman of courage. Today, the Asian women’s identity is finally exposed: This looks very frail woman from Fuzhou. Her name is Chen Fengzhu, in the Guinaite County in the U.S. state of Georgia (Gwinnett) near the Chinatown Fuk Avenue business Wangwang lobster aquaculture shop. This is a shot after the shooting photos, look at the odd woman how calm. Just a few days ago, only to repel the three burglary robbery criminals, now as if nothing had happened, as usual to run her aquatic shop. Well, this is her home. Her home is about 20 minutes away from here. In the picture, the whole process of fighting also makes people have to admire the tremble with fear, the tough and brave Chinese woman…… Speak Mandarin China Chen Fengzhu said in an interview, in fact, they still fear. Because there are many Chinese friends to do business and Chinese businesses that gangsters robbed, money, are placed in the bag "boss", "boss" has become the eyes of the "sheep", so her husband was only a month ago bought a pistol to her defense, did not think of use it so soon. Let’s see how Chen Fengzhu told the story. On Friday 4 a.m., three gunmen broke into the tough she is located in Spring Street (Spring Drive) of the housing, and search of cash in the room. The first met Mexican helpers in front of the house, the robber shouted: to help " I have no money! Impecuniosity! " (No money, no money.). Chen Fengzhu was awakened, heard the cry, she immediately call 911 phone alarm, but no answer. In desperation, Chen Fengzhu took the gun rushed out. She said, "I’m not going out, and they’re coming in." Just stepped out of the door of the moment, she saw each other in the hands of a few people holding a gun, the two sides confrontation up. From the house monitor picture released by the police, was dressed in white gangsters suddenly found Chen Fengzhu, she immediately pointed a gun at. He makes mistakes…… This frail woman appearance is in fact a ruthless role…… Not only did she not be frightened, but she took the initiative and fired at them for the first time…… Too cow, you know, before the fierce gun battle, she only practiced shooting in the shooting range. The other three people may not have thought that this woman was so fierce, immediately shot back, but the momentum was completely rolled. Three gunmen chaos criminals cover the face and creep away, Huangbuzelu, directly facing the glass door hit in the past! Gunmen fled after, Chen Fengzhu also stood by the door carefully observe calmly, make up a gun to shut the door. After the shootout, Chen Fengzhu calmly picked up the phone alarm相关的主题文章: