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Pass the sigma 23 on large aperture telephoto lens and focal length macro – head according to the latest news, in February 23 Sigma will release two new lenses, including a zoom and a fixed focus. According to the external network news show that this zoom lens is compact, and has a zoom ring, focus ring and tripod ring, it is likely to be a telescope larger than f 2.8 zoom lens. And the second lens is small, and it’s probably an anti camera lens. Two new Sigma 70-200mm  f lens and 2.8 lens; contrast the two sigma network broke the new camera, all of the existing 70-200mm F and sigma 2.8 as a comparison, and the two new lenses should be smaller than the lens size, zoom lens model for fixed lens is but can make nothing of it. There may be suitable for anti camera 100mm f 1.8 macro lens, to know the current suitable for macro lens reverse camera is not much, join the sigma of the lens is very looking forward to. From the view point of view: editor, news, the upcoming release of the two sigma new "black technology" of the people are very looking forward to the lens, zoom lens is likely to be a large aperture wide-angle zoom lens, and from the picture point of view silhouette of this lens has the tripod ring for the probability of this relatively large telephoto. Very suitable for architectural photography, portrait and other shooting, like friends can pay attention to. 传适马23日发大光圈长焦镜头及定焦微距无反头   据最新消息传出,适马可能将于2月23发布两款全新的镜头,包含一支变焦和一支定焦。根据外网的消息显示,这支变焦镜头体积小巧,而且具备了变焦环、对焦环以及脚架环,很有可能是一支一款光圈大于f 2.8的望远变焦镜头。而第二支镜头体积小巧,很有可能是一支无反相机镜头。 两款新镜头与适马70-200mm f 2.8镜头对比   此次外网爆料的适马两支新镜头,无一例外的都和适马现有的70-200mm f 2.8作为对比,而这两支新镜头都要比这支镜头体积要小巧,变焦镜头型号暂时不得而知,但是定焦镜头很有可能是适用于无反相机的100mm f 1.8微距镜头,要知道目前适用于无反相机的微距镜头并不多,适马这支镜头的加入还是非常期待的。   ・编辑观点:   从此次消息看来,适马即将发布的这两款全新“黑科技”的镜头让人十分期待,这款变焦镜头很有可能是一支广角大光圈变焦镜头,而从图片剪影上来看这枚镜头具有脚架环因此长焦的概率比较大。非常适合建筑摄影、人像等拍摄,喜欢的朋友可以关注一下。相关的主题文章: