100 thousand yuan t dynamic compact SUV space power two wetnwild

100 thousand yuan of level T power compact SUV space power two. Phoenix car · multi car shopping guide said the compact SUV market today, the absolute can be used to describe the contention of a hundred schools of thought. In particular, the rapid rise of its own brand, with the advantages of high cost, has become a strong force in the battle for this segment of the market. However, the price advantage in the end how to embody? In addition to SUV models born with spacious space, strong carrying capacity, good by and excellent safety performance can meet the general demand for home users, in the main consumer is a younger trend of development of the moment, the turbocharged engine with an earlier peak torque to come, can better meet the young consumers in city roads in the pursuit of strong power. Today’s article, we selected 4 100 thousand class T power independent compact SUV for you, affordable space power can two not mistake, would you mind? Po Chun 560 1.5T official guide price: 8.18-9.48 million in July this year, SAIC GM Wuling Baojun 560 officially announced: the official launch of 1.5T dynamic models. As one of the Baojun brand’s best-selling products, launched Baojun 560 1.5T models, not only marks the Baojun brand officially entered the T era, more fierce competition in the domestic SUV market has injected new vitality. Po Chun 560 as SAIC GM Wuling’s first compact SUV Baojun Baojun family continues its appearance design concept, with the shield in large wing headlamps, and three banners chrome processing people feel very atmospheric. The tail, the tail of the car design Baojun 560 whole people feel more regular, horizontal taillights and rear door waist flush, taillights inside into the LED light source. Po Chun 560 interior with black color design, local collocation chrome plating decoration is mainly to enhance the texture in the style design and the Po Chun 730 similar. On both sides of the air outlet for vertical arrangement, the design gives the impression of a more concise. It is worth mentioning that, Po Chun 560 in the high allocation of vehicles is also provided for the tire, a 8 inch touch screen, tire pressure monitoring, pre parking radar, electric sunroof, seat 6 to the electrical control, rich configuration. Po Chun 560 front row space is abundant, will seat to the right position, head there is a sufficient margin, did not feel depressed. The wheelbase reached 2750 mm, and the rear floor is very smooth, head office also set a certain depression, created in the back of the spacious and comfortable passenger space in the same level models really hard to rival. Power, Po Chun 560 equipped with 1.8L naturally aspirated and turbocharged 1.5T two engines, which 1.8L engine maximum power of 101 kilowatts, the peak torque of 186 nm, 1.5T engine maximum power of 110 kilowatts, the peak torque of 230 nm. Transmission system, there are 5 speed manual, 6 speed manual and 5 speed AMT transmission to choose from. It is worth mentioning that, Po Chun 560 1.5T dynamic models without the need for additional maintenance, reduce the user.相关的主题文章: