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Book-Reviews Stephen Coar is the author of the self-published thriller The Deadly Track. If you have already read the novel, you may be aching to know more about the man behind the thrilling book. If you are considering whether or not to purchase the book, learning more about the author may be just the push you need to convince you that the tale is worth reading. Here are ten things you may not know about Stephen Coar and The Deadly Track. 1.) Coar has been fascinated with locomotives since he and his brother became two lost boys all alone on a train ride from Florida to Pennsylvania in 1963. They had gotten off a stop early, but with the FBI and the Philadelphia Police Department on the job, the two boys were found relatively quickly. The experience has forever left a mark on Coar’s psyche. 2.) Coar has always been a writer. He created his elementary school’s first newspaper, acting as chief editor, sole reporter, and even the lowly mimeograph operator and stapler. He continued to report team sports articles for the high school paper, and after attending La Salle University, he wrote a weekly general interest column for a Cape May County weekly. He has also published original short stories in many magazines. 3.) Coar has lived in southern New Jersey for over 30 years, and for many of those years, he has ridden with bicycling clubs through the famous Great Pinelands National Forest, locally known as the Pine Barrens. 4.) Coar knows every small borough and township in this half of the state and Philadelphia, where his novel The Deadly Track plays out. 5.) Coar suffers from the same neurological troubles as his characters Lester and Max. He strongly believes in the old axiom "Write what you know." 6.) Due to a serious automobile accident, Coar suffered severe brain damage, was in a coma for over two weeks, attended physical rehabilitation for months, and required cognitive therapy for even longer. But with the assistance of many medical professionals, family, and friends, Coar has overcome the tragedy and returned to one of the things he loves most: writing. 7.) Whenever Coar becomes involved in a stressful situation, he suffers from more frequent epileptic episodes. Therefore, he decided to place the predator and the prey in his novel in the same medical dilemmas. He is more than personally familiar with what these two men and those close to them must deal with each day, which helps him create scenes and characters that are believable and interesting. 8.) In addition to being a writer, Coar is a co-founder of the oldest professional live theatre in southern New Jersey. It is celebrating its 26th year this season. Coar considers himself a true song and dance man, starring in and directing many shows. He’s gregarious, fun-loving, and loquacious, and he comes to life before a live audience. 9.) Coar has been interviewed scores of times about his acting, writing, directing, and charitable work with the elderly in local communities. 10.) Coar wants to get his story of survival out among the public. He was able to make almost a full recovery after being near death. He was only able to do this because he has the help of family, friends, their prayers, and the miracle of modern medicine, which every day is helping more and more brain injury victims regain the control of their lives. The Deadly Track is more than the depiction of Coar’s personal struggles. It is a thrilling novel that is sure to leave you wanting more. FBI Special Agent Les Cody is on the trail of a serial train bomber in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, between Philadelphia and the dazzling casinos of Atlantic City. Neither the bomber-the deformed and psychotic Max-nor Cody know that they both suffer from similar maladies-trauma to the brain. When yet another train explodes, Cody closes in, but his wife and daughter are also being threatened by a deadly foe. All this and so much more happens before the startling and explosive climax atop one of the nation’s most famous bridges. This fresh and exciting novel is a page-turner in the best tradition of the term, certain to leave the reader breathless and wanting more. Luckily, a sequel thriller, starring the heroic Agent Lester Cody, is on the way! To purchase The Deadly Track, visit http://outskirtspress.com/thedeadlytrack. You can also find the book online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: