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Shandong: telecommunications network fraud prevention into   University "compulsory course"; into the academic assessment — the Shandong channel, Ji’nan on 30 September, 29 in the morning, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau of Shandong Province, held the "telecommunications network fraud prevention" in Colleges and universities focus on promotional activities in Qilu University, marks the province against governance the telecommunications network fraud crime Publicity Month campaign officially started. The current telecommunication network of high incidence of fraud, people hate, for the telecommunications network fraud cases of college students have occurred, resulting in a greater loss of property to the victims and families. The province’s public security organs to combat telecommunications network fraud crime model in a prominent position, the anti fraud center of actual operation, improve public security, finance, telecommunications and other departments of the synthesis of heavy combat system, intensify efforts to combat governance. 1-8 months this year, the province cracked more than 2050 cases of telecommunications network fraud, arrested 1050 suspects, to avoid mass loss of more than 6000 yuan. Since September, only Shandong province anti fraud telecommunications network center has successfully discourage people cheated more than 40 people, amounted to more than 2000 yuan, significantly improve the control effect against. Jinan University 42, millions of teachers and students, only in the University Science and technology park have 17 million college students, how to prevent campus telecommunications fraud effectively, purify the "school circle" order is very important. In the campaign, Changqing Public Security Bureau introduced the telecommunications network fraud prevention work carried out in 11 universities within the jurisdiction of the practice of Shangdong woman university introduced the "anti fraud alliance network approach, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine counselors do stand to speak. In the activity, issued letters of appointment as Changqing University Science Park 11 universities Legal Counselor of the police officers, will regularly organize into the campus to carry out prevention knowledge preaching teaching; to college counselors presented "university security Raiders" teaching materials, prevention covering telecommunications fraud prevention, fire alarm and other 10 aspects of the establishment; "students’ Fraud Prevention union telecommunications network, all college students will take the students of telecommunications network fraud prevention obligations of promotional activities, to further deepen the mutual cooperation between the police and the school, the school and the school, build up the iron bastions of telecommunications network fraud prevention. It is understood that the Shandong provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of Education recently in a joint initiative, the education department will telecommunications network fraud prevention legal class as students "compulsory" in Qilu university students will pilot security curriculum student academic assessment, this measure is the first time in Colleges and universities in the province. In the future, the school students to participate in the telecommunications fraud prevention and other safety knowledge learning and examination will also get credit, in order to promote the university campus "telecommunications network fraud prevention activities in depth. (Song Cui Liu Guanwei Sun Haidong) (commissioning editor Wang Xiaolu and Hu Honglin) 山东:防范电信网络诈骗成大学“必修课” 纳入学业考核–山东频道–人民网 人民网济南9月30日电 29日上午,山东省公安厅、济南市公安局在齐鲁工业大学举办“防范电信网络诈骗”进高校集中宣传活动,标志着全省打击治理电信网络诈骗犯罪集中宣传月活动正式启动。 当前电信网络诈骗高发,人民群众深恶痛绝,针对大学生群体的电信网络诈骗案件时有发生,给受害人及家庭造成了较大的财产损失。全省公安机关把打击电信网络诈骗新型违法犯罪放在突出位置,反诈骗中心工作实战化运行,健全完善公安、金融、电信等多部门合成作战体系,出重拳加大打击治理力度。今年1-8月,全省共破获电信网络诈骗案件2050多起,抓获犯罪嫌疑人1050名,避免群众损失6000余万元。9月份以来,仅山东省反电信网络诈骗中心就成功劝阻群众被骗40余人,金额达2000余万元,打击治理效果显著提升。 济南有42所高校,有上百万的师生,仅长清大学科技园就有17万高校师生,如何有效防范校园电信诈骗案件,净化“校圈”治安秩序非常重要。在集中宣传活动上,长清公安分局介绍了在辖区11所高校内开展的防范电信网络诈骗工作的做法,山东女子学院介绍了“防电信网络诈骗联盟”做法,山东中医药大学辅导员做了表态发言。活动中,为担任长清大学科技园11所高校法制辅导员的公安民警颁发了聘书,将定期组织进校园开展防范知识宣讲授课;向高校辅导员赠送了《大学生安全防范攻略》教材书籍,内容涵盖防电信诈骗、防火防盗等10个方面的防范常识;还成立了“大学生防范电信网络诈骗联盟”,各高校学生将承担大学生防范电信网络诈骗义务宣传活动,进一步深化警方和校方、学校和学校之间的互动合作,共同构筑起防范电信网络诈骗的铜墙铁壁。 据了解,山东省公安厅、省教育厅于近日联合倡议,教育部门将防范电信网络诈骗法制课堂作为学生入学的“必修课”,将在齐鲁工业大学试点将大学生安全保卫课程列入学生学业考核中,此项措施在全省高校中尚属首次。今后,该校大学生参加防电信诈骗等安全常识学习和考试同样会取得学分,以此推动大学校园的“防范电信网络诈骗”活动深入开展。(宋翠 刘冠伟 孙海东) (责编:王晓璐、胡洪林)相关的主题文章:

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Fan Ye Yang Mi poetry airport show stop, Q clothing online who? New York fashion week is being held in full swing, when we are always concerned about the fashion week of the United States and the United States and the United States and the clothing of the War Star clothing, the airport is actually another fight for the stars of the battlefield. Airport street is to see their show PW, show clothing Q, recently popular big flowers and what clothes hot search? Fan Ye: preparing for Toronto, this time to go handsome handsome mature wind! Bing Bing with the new film, I’m not Pan Jinlian, set out to attend the forty-first Toronto International Film festival. The dress of the airport changed the old lady wind, wearing a Green Satin Embroidered GUCCI men’s pajamas bees take LV messenger bags, foot Stella McCartney thick shoes lazy goddess fan children, "green travel" handsome fashion and dazzling, wearing black super super domineering fan ye. After Toronto, Fan Ye wearing a hat of foot before often appear with a thick soled shoes, wearing a blue dress aura burst. We are familiar with the fan long dress wind back! Tang Yan: T-shirt, sweater + skirt, a week in late summer or early autumn dress caught Tang Yan: Athletes love Fu Yuanhui not wearing cosmetic contact lenses sharp eyes are still in August 31st, Tang Yan was wearing a striped T-shirt and skirt at the capital airport, while walking up hair show long legs. This summer, the most chic black and white striped shirt with star skirt, the tide and lively. A week later, Tang Yan is still wearing MLB black peaked cap collocation, cat eye sunglasses, wearing Acne Studios white sweater black skirt collocation printing microphone, Louis Vuitton Sarah handbag shoulder, foot white casual shoes in machine. A week after the late summer and early autumn, Tang Yan is the fashion of the season and occasion of transformation. Liu Shishi: husband, youth poetry classical collocation of a few days ago, Zhang was in the drama snow meets the reports through the green skirt collocation T sports shoes, Chanel cross body bag. Green T is much more youthful, plus fresh cut neat short hair, fresh and pleasant. LSERs also fit and played a dog. This morning wearing a baseball cap, black T blue towel red plaid skirt, it seems look has also been on the line in early autumn. Nicky Wu a considerate husband intimate poems help luggage very affectionate. Yang Mi: preparing for the New York fashion week, NYC chic from the airport to start power power this a nifty girl wind route of the past, wearing a black leopard coat with wide leg pants, cool to light. A dark green MICHAEL Michael Kors back 9a11c Mercer bags, ice freaky handsome incarnation. A powerful gas field, it seems that this fashion week is well prepared. Wang Likun: Su Yan goddess of New York ELLE recorded in New York airport to capture a goddess of the goddess". Kun son has arrived in New York, officially opened her and ELLE’s New York Ji kee. Printing long coat collocation T and white denim shorts, a casual dress she looked in good out of a bandbox. Clothing Q has been online she will be how to behave? Kun son fresh and elegant temperament will certainly bring a whirlwind to New York.相关的主题文章: